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What is Post-natal Care
Pregnancy is a time of great physical and emotional change for a woman. It is important to have proper postpartum care afterbirth to adjust your health and body back.

Our Post-natal Care is combined with Indonesian post-natal care and holistic massage. It is done after the arrival of the newborn. This is to help the mother regains her Looks, Health , Strength and Energy.

– Helps to release bad headache afterbirth.
– Helps to tighten back and tone over-stretched t ummy
– Speed up recovery afterbirth
– Helps to get rid of “Trapped Wind” in your Body
– Helps to eliminate toxins and reduce water retention
– Helps to gain back your energy level
– Straighten back your curved spine
– Relieves body aches & leg cramps
– Helps to relieve constipation
– Speeds up shrinkage of womb
– Helps to remove remaining blood clots
– Assist and helps to improve on breastfeeding
– Improve Muscle and Skin Tone
– Helps to reduce postnatal depression
– Build up Confidence
– Restore overall Health after miscarriage

Benefits of Herbs Tapel
It helps to tones and tighten up the stomach muscles and expelled wind out from the tummy after the delivery.


Benefits of Jamu Pilis
Mostly Indonesians applied this Jamu Pilis at least 30 days during their confinement. This Jamu helps to avoid dizziness and blurred eyes visions. This helps to prevent headache when you are old.*********************

Benefits of Binding
Binding is done using a cloth binder after each session. It has been used by several generations and even practiced till today. It helps to expelled and prevent wind from entering the body, reduce tummy size after delivery and tighten up back the stomach muscles. Binding also helps to straighten back our spine. After 9 mths of carrying bb weight, our spine is slightly curved. Jamu Tapel and Ginger slimming cream is applied before the binding.

Benefits of Hot Stone
Hot Stones have been used for therapeutic purposes since ancient times.  Hot Stone Massage uses volcanic basalt stones that have been tumbled by the fresh waters of rivers for millenia.Basalt stones have an extraordinary ability to store and emanate a consistent and soothing heat for a long period of time. They possess a wonderful grounding healing quality, able to rejuvenate and connect us back to the basic elements of nature.

The penetrating heat from the hot stones relaxes the muscles, which allows for deeper relaxation. The heat helps release tense & tight muscles. Warmth creates expansion of the blood vessels, encouraging blood to flow easily. In addition, hot stones stimulate and increase the operation of the overall lymph system. Hot Stone treatments are most often used to treat back pain, poor circulation, osteoarthritis, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

Hot Stone Compress used in postnatal massage aids to break stubborn fats, hasten the shrinkage of the enlarged uterus, expel sturborn blood clot in the womb, flatten the abdomen and get rid of trapped wind and toxins after delivery.

Packages & Prices

Each package includes:

1. Engorgedment treatment for breast (included)
2. Specially designed binder (Bengkung)
3. Massage oil
4. Applications of herbs on the forehead
5. Tapel (Jamu wrap for the tummy)
6. Herbal cream wrap and application of slimming cream
7. Complementary Telon Oil for baby
8. Teaching mother the baby massage sequence

Each session lasts approximately one hour and 15 minutes. (That’s 1 hour and 10 minutes of massage and 10 minutes to apply herbs and put on the stomach binder).

3-day package $340 $230
5-day package $475$375
7-day package $590 $490
10-day package $650 $550




Blockducts & Engorgement Service also available by appointment only $60

For Normal birth can start immediatelly after going back from hospital.
For C-Sec operation can start after 3 weeks.

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*Quoted in Singapore Dollars.


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